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Red eyed crocodile skink care sheet

red eyed crocodile skink for sale

Red eyed crocodile skink for sale

The red eyed crocodile skink sale has been on the rise in recent times.

The red eyed crocodile skink is a carnivorous reptilian creature that can be found in the southern United States.

It has large eyes and may grow to nearly three feet long as it matures, though they are typically much smaller when purchased from pet stores.

Like many reptiles, these creatures do require some specialized care for their environment which includes temperature regulation through humidification or dehumidification depending on

whether you want them drier or wetter; lighting with UVB light every day at 12 hours per minute of exposure being optimal but not necessary; and clean water twice daily over other food options (though occasional live prey will also suffice).

These requirements make owning one more expensive than your average domestic animal due to an up-front investment.

Red eyed crocodile skink care sheet.

Here are guides and information on how to properly care for your red eyed crocodile skink.

Over the years, we have found this guides to work best for your skinks.

Croc skinks are not huge climbers but will climb low lying branches and decor.

Floor space is more important than height in your croc skink’s enclosure, which should be at least 30″ x 12″. Exo Terra or Zilla have great options for a small tank that can fit the bill!

Crocs do best when kept singly or in pairs of one male and one female; males who live together tend to fight while females become defensive if they’re living with another female.


Red eyed croc skinks come from moist, cool places in New Guinea.

They are not huge climbers but will climb low lying branches and decor.

 Croc skinks do best when kept singly or with one partner of their own gender; females who live together become defensive and territorial while males living together fight each other constantly because there can be no hierarchy among them as every male wants to. Learn more about red eyed crocodile skinks.


Croc skinks are a cool-loving reptile that need plenty of heat to regulate their body temperature.

You should provide hot and cold zones in your enclosure for them, with the warmest spots at 82 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

The easiest way to increase the warmth is by using Exo terra or Zoo Med heating pads on one side; it’s important not let this spot get hotter than 82 degrees!

On another area of your cage, use ceramic tiles heated up under an incandescent light bulb instead because these will absorb more energy without getting too hot.

At night you can lower temperatures back down – they like 72-75 degree range best.

Croc skinks like coolish temperatures. However, like all reptiles, they are dependent on thermoregulation to control their body temperature.

So you still want to provide a hot and a cool side to your enclosure with heat elements on one side and the other as the cooler option at 72-75 degrees Fahrenheit (22 C).

The warmest spot should not be higher than 82 F or 27 C for extended periods of time because it makes them get too active when they would normally rest in between meals which can lead into digestive problems that require veterinary care. At night during winter months temps may drop below 60F so ensuring proper heating is crucial!

Keeping your crocs skinks cool is just as important. They like temperatures in the range of 72-75 degrees, but they’re still reptiles and depend on thermoregulation to regulate their body temperature so you need a hot side and a cold side for them.

The warm section should not be higher than 82 degrees; any hotter will make it difficult for them to keep themselves at an appropriate temp during the day or night time when things are colder outside!

To quickly add heat under that enclosure, I would recommend Exo Terra or Zoo Med Heat Pads placed underneath (outside) of where they’ll live –

This way there’s no danger from getting too close to those elements if/when he finally wants some attention 😉


Always provide a nice sized water dish with fresh water. However, you don’t want it too deep. Exo Terra bowls or Flukers rock dishes are good naturalistic non-porous choices for your pet’s mealtime needs and can be scrubbed every week to keep bacteria slime from building up on the surface of their food source!

Humidity can be hard to maintain with a full screen top, but crocs thrive in high humidity.

Make sure you have enough water for your skink and scrub the bowl at least once per week or more often if they kick bedding into it.


Croc skinks are insectivores and usually eat feeder bugs. For a change of pace, they occasionally enjoy pinky mice as well!

To prevent worms from scurrying away before being eaten by the crocs skink, place them in an Exo terras worm dish or some other type of vessel that slows their escape speed.

Make sure to supplement your feeding at least every other time with calcium such as Zoo Med Calcium With D3 for healthy bones. Croc skinks are interesting creatures that eat mostly bugs, but adults will occasionally take a pinky mouse.

If using worms to feed them, place it in the Exo terras worm dish and they won’t burrow into your substrate before being eaten!

Make sure you supplement their meals with calcium like Zoo Med’s Calcium with D3 for healthy bones.


Croc skinks are not big on being handled, and they will usually be stiff when held in your hand. These reptiles don’t enjoy too much handling–they’ll probably just try to escape back into their safe home if you hold them for long periods of time.

But that doesn’t mean these critters can only live a sedentary life! They’re actually very active, even coming out during the day (especially if fed at around the same time every day). See available red eyed crocodile skinks.

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