Tri color Pinstripe crested gecko


  • Correlophus ciliatus
  • White and cream will continue to brighten and spread with age.
  • Feeding on Repashy and Pangea.
  • Male (13 grams)
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Crested Gecko Morphs and Traits

when breeding color into an already established line, patternless crested geckos are always a good resource. All crested geckos from patternless crested geckos, Lilly white-crested geckos, pinstripe crested geckos,  axanthic crested geckos,  flame crested geckos are polymorphic, meaning its not as easy to calculate morphs as the case with other reptiles.


A solid body of any color: buckskin, olive, chocolate, near-black, red, orange, yellow and shades between.

Patternless crested geckos are a good resource when breeding color into an already established line. Note that there are currently no fully white or black animals. Light yellow creams or unfired reds may be labelled “moon glows” but are not white. Dark, near-black crested geckos do exist but are usually not patternless or have whiteheads, tails, fringe, etc.

patternless crested geckos

Bicolor crested geckos are generally patternless but with a slightly darker – sometimes lighter – color on their dorsal (top of head and back). Bi-color is usually seen in red, orange, olives and buckskins. Some bi-colors have a hint of a pattern on the dorsal but lack the cream of flame morphs


Flame crested geckos come in many colors with their dorsal usually patterned with cream. Whiter creams are considered more desirable. The rest of the body is usually solid color but there can be minimal patterning, unlike harlequins. This is why they are often referred to as the “fire” morph. Tiger flames are possible, but generally rare. Often tiger stripes on juvenile flames disappear when they get older.

flame crested geckos


Pinstripe crested geckos are made up of raised, cream-colored scales along the outside of the dorsal. while the rest of the back can either be flame patterning or solid cream to flow with the pinstriping. More desirable is a full pinstripe than a partial pinstripe. If the pinstripe is broken and doesn’t make up more than 80% of a full, it is termed to have pin dashing and would not be considered pinstripe. Most pinstripe crested geckos are flames or harlequin, but very rare to find tiger pinstripes.