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Pygmy chameleons or African leaf chameleons are genus of small chameleons, found in central East Africa. (extending slightly into adjacent DR Congo). Visit home page

How to care for a pygmy chameleon

Pygmy chameleons, or rhampholeon brevicaudatus, are a small species of rhampholeon reptiles that are native to Tanzania.

This type of chameleon is considered a great “starter” pet for someone who is interested in caring for a reptile but who has little or no experience at the task.

This species does have color changing abilities, although they are usually used to show emotion, catch a mate, or to scare off potential predators.

Let’s take a look at some of the aspects necessary to properly care for a pygmy chameleon.

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Tank setup


One of the reasons that pygmy chameleons are recommended for people who are inexperienced in caring for reptiles is because the pygmy’s habitat doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance.

The general rule to go by when choosing a tank for this species is three chameleons per 20 gallon tank. If only one is being kept, a 10 gallon tank will be sufficient.

UV lighting is not required; one can simply use halogen or fluorescent lighting for basking purposes.

If a basking light is provided, it is important to also include a water dish large enough for the chameleon to climb into. The water should be replaced daily or as needed.

A fish aquarium is not suitable for a chameleon as it lacks the proper amount of airflow. A mesh screen or covering will do nicely to allow plenty of ventilation without allowing the chameleon the opportunity to escape.

The temperature of the aquarium should be kept between 70 and 80 degrees F, although the aquarium should not be kept near a window or in direct sunlight as this can easily cause the pygmy chameleon to overheat and even die. Find out about the different species of chameleon

Pygmy chameleon for sale

live pygmy chameleon for sale

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Pygmy chameleons have short lifespans of only 1-3 years.


Care guide/ Humidity and temperature

60-78F (15-25C) degrees. Temperatures over 80F (26C) are lethal to pygmy chameleons.


Humidity is an important aspect of chameleon husbandry. Pygmy chameleons require levels around 60-80%, which can be achieved by several misting sessions a day over all areas of the cage. Live plants help increase and maintain humidity. Sometimes a cool mist humidifier or timer-controlled misting system is needed.


Cage Size:
The appropriate cage size depends on how many pygmies it will contain. A general rule of thumb is 5 gallons for each pygmy chameleon at minimum. Glass cages like aquariums are recommended for pygmy chameleons as they can be easily planted and landscaped to mimic a small part the forest floor. Most pygmy chameleons don’t climb very high so horizontal space is preferred over vertical space.


Although pygmy chameleons can be housed communally care should be taken to ensure that the occupants are not stressed by the presence of others. Males should not be housed together unless the cage is large (over 40 gallons) and heavily planted. Cages should be furnished with many plants and climbing branches to provide opportunities for exercise and plenty of places for hiding, especially from other chameleons.