Purple Paradox Bearded Dragon [Female]


Female HypoTranslucent Purple Paradox Leatherback Dunner from our Hypo Belgium Dunner (Het Translucent) lines



Hypo Paradox Bearded Dragon

Over the years, the hypo paradox bearded dragon has been the favourite of o many reptile lovers. A lot has changed and people are in the search for healthy, good structured bearded dragons who will spend a great time with their families. Visit our Homepage

hypo paradox bearded dragon

This is a purple clutch with visuals. We are currently taking offers from her. If you are interested in getting one of these beautiful babies.

They all have been hand-tamed and so much love cuddles. These babies are one of the greatest projects we’ve worked on this year.

They will be more like this beautiful purple paradox bearded dragon since we look forward to what their parents We are going to hold on to some for our own breeding stock. They are siblings from the same clutch.

The love of this morph has risen over the years and a lot of reputable breeders love working on these morphs. Mother is a beautiful translucent female with stunning bars.

We work hard at it to produce just top and healthy babies. Regular vet checks confirm babies are healthy. Learn more about impaction in bearded dragons and other health issues to look out for.

purple paradox bearded dragon for sale uk

If you are in the Uk and have an interest in any of our bearded dragons here at Morphscentral, we do offer international shipping to the Uk. We have always recorded smooth delivery of orders to our Uk customers.

Get in touch with us by email or live chat if you have any questions about international shipping.


hypo paradox bearded dragon – bearded dragon purple paradox