dunner bearded dragon




A hypo dunner bearded dragon is a type of morph or fancies with a distinctly different colour pattern, scale design, and foot shape. Visit our care sheet  to learn more about het trans, hypo dunner zero and leatherback bearded dragon for sale on Morphs Central.

How Do Dunner Bearded Dragon’s Compare To Regular Bearded Dragons?

As a type of bearded dragon morph, the dunner bearded dragon is best described by how it’s different from the regular bearded dragon. The major differences show up in their scales, coloration, and feet.

The most obvious difference between a normal bearded dragon and a Dunner is the scale pattern. A typical bearded dragon will exhibit teardrop-shaped scales, while the scales of a Dunner are conical and give the dragon a more primordial appearance.

While the scales may have a rougher texture than those of a normal bearded dragon, Dunner’s scales are a big part of the wow factor when ribbons meets texture.

A Dunner’s unique scale pattern can really make their bagde pop. The scale differences between a normal bearded dragon vs. a Dunner are especially prominent on the tail. While the tail of a normal bearded dragon often has a banded pattern, a Dunner’s tail can have stripes, spots, or a combination of the two.

From head to toe, the bold scale pattern of a Dunner dragon creates a beautiful multi-dimensional effect, especially when it comes to orange or citrus tiger Dunners.

dunner bearded dragon

Dunner bearded dragons seem to be exploding in popularity. What makes Dunners so special?

It’s no coincidence that we have baby Dunner bearded dragons for sale throughout the year. And there’s a reason for that…they’re amazing! The Dunner morph has unique physical attributes that complement the bold colors that beardies from are known for.

Scale Shape

In regular bearded dragons, the scale shape of the individual scales is a teardrop shape but with dunners and het trans, the scales are shaped more conical. This results in a more rugged and rough look than the smooth-looking scale of your typical beardy.

Scale Direction

On a regular bearded dragon, the scales “point” down the belly towards the tail meanwhile with dunners, the scale point to the left and right towards the sides of the beardy.

Scale Pattern

Continuing this trend of different scales, hypo dunner bearded dragon scales are disorganized in their placement. This makes some parts of the bearded dragon’s belly appear raised above others. Some describe the scale patterns as “mountainous” and enjoy its unique look. With regular bearded dragons, their scales are consistent throughout their bodies. This gives them a more flat look overall.

Because of all of the above reasons, hypo dunner bearded dragons have a rougher and bumpier feel. Their scale shape makes them stick out more. The disorganized placement gives them more ridges. The direction the scales point even add to this feeling.

Even though standard bearded dragons still have scales, when you run your hand over them, they still feel relatively smooth and even. Some folks really like the hypo dunner bearded dragon primitive look. People have the feeling it makes their beardy look even more like a dinosaur.

A hypo dunner bearded dragon would have tail bands of slightly different colours running down them. These bands are thin, even, and continue around the width of the tail but with hypo dunner zero bearded dragons, their tails have speckled and spotted patterns on their tails.

In some cases, there are a lot of large spots, but it’s sometimes a few really faded and small spots. Either way, the difference is striking in comparison. Read more on them here


Het trans bearded dragons.

Bearded Dragons Types, Colors, and Species

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Bearded dragon colors


When most people think about bearded dragons, they picture a sandy-colored reptile. But many people may be surprised to discover that bearded dragons can come in a variety of different colors(white, yellow and red bearded dragon), patterns and morphs

Other reptiles such as geckos and chameleons also come in different morphs.