How to setup a bearded dragon tank

Learn what works and what doesn’t when looking about how to setup a bearded dragon tank. Humidity for bearded dragons in captivity should range between 25-40% with occasional or nighttime spikes to the 50- 60% range being ok. Your bearded dragon tank should compromise of the following (Heat lamp,UVB,calcium,multivitamin+D3, water conditioner, thermometer and hygrometer) You can order your T5 bulbs from Pangea reptiles.

Best Bearded Dragon tank Accessories

Temp humidity Gauges

how to setup a bearded dragon tank

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You also need a temp gun to properly measure surface temps of the basking spot. As far as temps, the temp gun measures a different temperature than the digital. The digital is for measuring ambient (air) temp, while the temp gun is for surface temp. If your cool side is staying above 80 I’d go down to a 75 watt… if it’s already 80 or lower I’d keep the 100 watt and move the hot side over the hammock and lower it to where the basking temp stays at about 105. Go to the care sheet page

Temp Gun:

Cool bearded dragon tank setup

  • Enclosure.
  • UVB light.
  • Heating element, thermometer, and hygrometer.
  • Basking rock or log.
  • Flooring.
  • Some shallow dishes for water and food.
  • Live feeder insects and tweezers.
  • Adequate space in your home.

Beaded Dragon Tank Setup (How to Setup a Bearded Dragon Tank)

You may be considering adding a bearded Dragon pet to your family. If so, you will need to learn how to set up the cage. A bearded dragon cage should be set up correctly in order to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. It’s not only the safety and happiness your pet is at risk, but also your mental health. Incorrectly setting up a bearded Dragon cage can pose many risks, especially for beginners who have never used this type of cage. Before you begin to tinker with making your bearded dragon cage, make sure to read these warning steps.

You must ensure that your bearded dragon cage is at the correct temperature. Because bearded dragons require heat to function properly, this is an important part of setting up a cage. It is quite simple. Bearded dragons need a lot of heat. If they don’t have the right heating source, it can make them uncomfortable. If you put your pet in the proper temperature-controlled cage, then you can rest assured that he will be healthy for many years.

The second thing you need to do is choose the correct type of cage for your bearded dragon, regardless of whether you are putting him outdoors or indoors. You can choose a basic metal or wooden cage that has a few glass dishes. There are also basking areas for your pet to relax in the sun. If you plan to put your pet outside, you will need a more sophisticated cage with heating and filtering systems. If you are looking to keep your bearded dragon pet forever, it is possible to purchase each of these items separately.

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