can bearded dragons eat grapes

Can Bearded Dragons eat grapes?

can bearded dragons eat grapes

This article will answer that question in detail. You’ll get all information about grapes and your bearded dragon.


Grapes are a type of fruit that grows in clusters of 15 to 300 and can be crimson, black, dark blue, and pink.

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Can bearded dragons eat grapes?

It is safe to offer grapes to your bearded dragon but not too much. Grapes are just an example of one of the several fruits which reptiles can eat. 

You’ll need to take the peel off and reduce it down into bite-sized portions.

Be sure to take out the seeds from the grape before offering them to your bearded dragon.

How often can Bearded Dragons eat grapes?

Grapes should only be offered occasionally to your bearded dragon. You can also rob them on their greens and veggies to give them some sweetness and flavour.


Your bearded dragon’s diet should consist mainly of bugs (Dubai roaches, crickets, mealworms etc) and vegetables and greens (the ratio changes with age).


Even though they love foods like grapes, they should always make up the least of your beardie’s diet.

How many grapes can a Bearded Dragon eat?

There are several reasons you will want to limit the number of grapes you offer to your bearded dragon:


Yes, they can eat grapes, but occasionally and not on regular basis.


Because gapes are high in fibre which is great for your dragon but it is also high in sugar and oxalates which could harm your dragon.

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