Brumation for bearded dragons

brumation for bearded dragons


Brumation is a term used for the hibernation-like state that cold-blooded animals such as bearded dragons adapt during winter. When a beardie brumates it slows down and movement is limited during cold weather.
Dragons under 12 months old do not brumate. If your dragon is under a year and is showing signs of brumation something else is going on. Here are a couple of things to check
1. Temperatures
Dragons need 3 temperature zones. A cool side of 80-85. A hot side of 90-95. And a basking spot between 100-110 depending on the age of your dragon.
2. Proper UVB
Bearded dragons can start brumating as early as 10 months. Some may appear to be brumating as early as 6 months. While rare it does happen this early. A tube UVB is a MUST!! No, if’s and’s or but’s about it. Compact bulbs in any configuration will never be enough for your bearded dragon. We recommend t5. They produce more UVB, can be mounted on top of your enclosure, and are cheaper in the long run as the bulbs last 12-14 months instead of 3-4 like t8.
If these things are perfect it’s time for a vet visit. Below we will discuss some brumation bearded dragons signs to guide you. 

7 Brumation Bearded Dragon Signs to look out for? (Brumation Bearded Dragon)