Bearded dragon behaviors

Bearded dragon behavior

what your bearded dragon is trying to tell you

bearded dragon behavior

 bearded dragon show a variety of behaviors for various reasons. being able to record the next word Behavior your beardie is exhibiting and why it is showing this behavior is important to understand every pet and also is very important to know which behaviors are accepted as normal or seen as normal and dose which are signs that your beardie your bearded dragon is ill.Learn more

listed below are some bearded dragon behavior and how you can actually know them and what they actually trying to say. 


the wave

 both Male and female bearded dragons will armwave to show submission. Sometimes standing in front foot and literally will wave at you.  this is a very funny scenario and will make you laugh.

I’ll sometimes wonder if this sign is some sort of ‘’hi’’my bearded dragon is trying to tell me. This Behavior will often say two things, submission a sign of presence like saying I come in peace don’t hurt me I am here.bearded dragons would exhibit this Behavior among other animals humans and even other species of Their Own 

Head Bob

 bearded dragons World exhibits this character when they feel dominated  I saw something or someone and Bob their heads. Most bearded dragons as a sign of passing two younger bearded dragons head ball.  bearded dragons always want to establish a social hierarchy amongst them.

if your bearded dragon Bobs his head faster it is meant to serve as a warning or a threat why is it slower Bops will show a sign of submission. 

Beard  puffing

for so many reasons your bearded dragon’s beard can turn black if he is excited,  scared and maybe we’ll want to attack an enemy or during mating. your bearded dragon will puff out its beard when frightened. Puffing might also be a sign of health issues.

 color changes

 color changes will occur when your bearded dragon is regulating its temperature.  bearded dragons can change colors when out for a stroll all a trip to the vet. it is recommended to dress up your bearded dragons with hoodies for pets with pet hoodies or cloths which you can find on Amazon to keep them warm outdoors.

Body changes may occur how’s your bearded dragon grows older.   some bearded dragons oil changes colors when brought Outdoors and when chilling in the Parks.

 glass surfing 

this Behavior is rarely exhibited by a bearded dragon.  they will have fun showing this behaviour when they are stressed, bored,  and we’ll go back and forth around your tank {enclosure}

 it looks conical and you might be surprised seeing this and think your bearded dragon is playing but this might be a call for concern. a bearded dragon will glass surf if their tank is small in size which means he might need a larger tank or might as well need some playtime outside. did we sometimes exhibit this Behavior when frightened by other pets such as cats staring at them or the loss of a cage mate? Not shooting is an abnormal bearded dragon behaviour and you should pay close attention whenever your dragon does this. Here is how you can stop your bearded dragon from glass surfing.


 Bearded dragons collect heat by UVB radiation which helps create vitamin D3 to metabolize calcium. Your beardie would usually bask on the daily basis to absorb heat and regulate its temperature. bearded dragons open their mouths and turn black or even darker to soak as many ultraviolet lights as possible.


 female bearded dragon are full naturalistic when they are about to lay eggs. some bearded dragons. In the wild, bearded dragons will go as far as covering their eggs to absorb heat and also to prevent them from being eaten by predators.

You should be able to provide the perfect or right substrate for your bearded dragon once you find them digging.  make sure to dust his food with enough calcium powder and monitor his movements and eating habits.  be careful that your bearded dragon is egg bound it will need surgery to remove the eggs.   once your bearded dragon is done laying the eggs you want to move them to the incubator where you set up the temperature. More about bearded dragon behavior.

Bearded dragon behavior when shedding?

Your bearded dragon might get really irritable when shedding. Some may even go as far as biting you. Just like snakes during shedding, this guys are not the best of friends inbetween sheds.

Bearded dragon behavior closing eyes when petted?

Just like cats and other pets, bearded drgons love being petted and will ofent close their eyes are to tell you how much the enjoy it.

bearded dragon behavior

How long does bearded dragon mating behavior last?

Bearded dragons mating periods can take 6 months or less starting from March to August. Males will bob their heads rapidly while females do it slowly during this ritual.

How do bearded dragon show aggressive behavior

Your beardie will most likely become moodier than usual when he or she is getting ready to shed. Other dragons may become aggressive when constipated. It is always recommended to give your beardie warm soaks regularly.

Bearded dragon behavior when sick?

Bearded dragons will have loss of appetite and weight loss when sick. If you notice unusual changes in the appetite of your dragon, it may be time to visit a vet.

What is the behavior difference between male and female bearded dragon

Females will show digging behaviors and interest in laying eggs while males won’t.

Bearded dragon shedding behavior

During sheddings, your bearded dragon may exhibit some strange behaviors but not to worry as some of them are normal shedding behavior. Beardies will often run in circles during this period. Just often liike they’re restless and will occasionally push his face against the glass. Bearded dragons will also become extra skittish during shedding periods. Turning their heads to look around alot. Your bearded dragon will be super moody, refuse being held or hand fed. Take note that, your beardy might refuse to eat as well. As soon as this bearded dragon shedding behavior is over they all come back to normal.

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